What is PraiseCreatures about

Who I am?
I am Tharrie Zietsman and I create and paint PraiseCreatures©. PraiseCreatures© is a God inspired dream in me that I live every day, and it is a joy to let them dance and leap and praise God from my heart onto paper to bless you.
I work in a studio in Calgary with 2 assistants: MissCleo, (a tabby cat) and Princi (a black cat). I use pencils and watercolour and whatever I can find to create each unique PraiseCreatures – for you.
I am married to Johann, and owe him a great debt of gratitude for his unconditional love and support, and for listening to my endless babbling – love you!
I dedicate PraiseCreatures© to Max, my grandson: let Praises to Him be known to your lips!
I grew up on a farm in South Africa, where I spent hours drawing, painting, making music & creating “something” - followed by a degree and grad-degree in fine Arts & teaching. I was also trained as a Marionette designer, maker & operator and later appointed as head of the Propshop for Drama, Ballet and Opera for a Performing Arts Company in South Africa.
After becoming a stay-at-home-mom I started and ran Marionette companies, an Educational program, and taught History of Art, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Needlework for different age groups – Kindergarten to Post-graduates.
My family – me, my husband Johann, Eber and Fritz immigrated to the USA in 2002. We lived in NY and Arizona. In 2009 Johann and I immigrated to Calgary, Canada where we still live today.
Since emigrating from South Africa I have been working from my various home-based studios, creating my painting and 3D doll-textile series: “A Lady’s Journey”, and inspirational series: Frangels©. I had a couple of solo-exhibitions and exhibited extensively at local Art and Craft Markets. I am currently working on a 365-day PraiseCreatures©-a-day challenge (2017-2018).
You can follow this challenge on my blog, as well as my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What is a PraiseCreatures©?
It is a joyous, dancing, exuberant creature praising God, the Lord of all Lords. No matter how I feel, or my troubles or my situation – praising Him allows me to get out of myself and simply praise God for who He is!  Praising Him lifts me up from my “all about me-me” world and sets my attention purely on Him – my vision changes and my perspective shifts.
It is not thanksgiving, which is again all about ME – thanking Him for specific gifts and blessings He bestowed on me. It is also not worship, where I surrender, with deep respect, kneeling and humbling myself, as He is in control of my heart as Lord of Lords. Praising is different: It is fun, it is joy and it is action!
It has nothing to do with me but ALL ABOUT WHO HE IS. It is recognition of His character, His nature, His different names that are facets of who He is and His excellence. He is awesome and worthy to be praised. And so much more.
He dwells in our praises and Praises surround His throne. So how can I not praise Him with my art!  (Let us be honest – I can jump and shout and be foolish when my favourite sport team hero scores, so why not when I Praise the Hero of all Heroes!) This is what each PraiseCreatures© is. They are never silent – always making a loud noise or singing or even foolishly shouting!   They are standing, lifting up their hands, dancing, with new glorious jubilant songs.  Perhaps with a trumpet or flute, harp, cymbals and tambourines, all kinds of instruments. The essence of a PraiseCreatures© is the pure joy of living on this incredible earth and to Praise the Lord as His sons and daughters while we still have breath. Get out of me-zone into He-zone!
I invite you to join me on a 365-day, a PraiseCreatures©-a-day challenge, praising the Lord, and to circle the earth with praises.
I created PraiseCreatures© to bring a smile to faces and a moment when we forget about our needs, and brokenness, and to focus on He who is Love. I let them dance and leap and shout with hearts on their chests, because God is interested in hearts and not appearances. I paint their skin in yellow-gold simply because I love the colour….and yes, no hair – just because I can!
It is for the young at heart, it is for toddlers and teens, moms and dads, teenagers and students. It is for grannies and uncles, lawyers and farmers….. for everyone that has breath to praise Him. I sincerely pray that you are blessed with each PraiseCreatures© and enjoy them.
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I will sing to the Lord as long as I live
I will praise my God to my last breath!
May all my thoughts be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the LORD.
Let all that I am praise the LORD.
                              Praise the LORD!  Psalm 104:33, 34, 35b. NLT

Thank you
Tharrie Zietsman

Please be so kind and do not copy any of my PraiseCreatures© in ANY form without my written permission.
PraiseCreatures© is copyrighted in my name, and thus it is against the law to copy it.
I reserve any and all rights of copyright concerning the artwork(s), in any form, including the sale of rights of reproduction of the artwork(s) in any form, unless specifically granted in writing by the artist, Tharrie Zietsman.
Among the artist’s rights is the sole right to reproduce the artwork(s) in any form for any purpose, that may include, but not limited to, sale, license, use of gallery exhibition, show, internet web-site display, promotional work, any printed format, bulletins, including any form of printing and/or any electronic reproduction.
Tharrie Zietsman, the artist is the sole proprietress, holder of PraiseCreatures©

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